Pulmonary Waveform Generator: PWG-33 and PWG-33BT

Pulmonary waveform generator is the most essential equipment for developing and testing spirometers and other flow/volume measuring devices.
PWG-33 is the ideal test equipment for R&D companies, for manufacturers and for authorized test laboratories as well.
PWG-33 has incomparable accuracy and fidelity in generating waveforms.
PWG-33 provides the highest peakflow with the fastest acceleration it is the real market leader in all aspects.
PWG-33BT provides full BTPS simulation for all types of exhaled curves

User defined waveforms

  • Sinus waveforms
  • Square waveforms
  • Trapezoid waveforms
  • Reproduction of any waveform defined by user

Main features:

  • All parameters of generated waveforms are fully traceable to National Standards
  • All generated curves can be proportionally scaled
  • Full automatic measurement of flow meter’s resistance
  • Full support of human differential tests, according to ATS
  • Evaluation of test results and error analysis, according to ATS
  • Full automatic test sequence definable by the user
  • Generated waveforms
  • Technical data
  • International references

Generated waveforms


Year of publication

24 ATS Standard Volume(time) waveforms
26 ATS Standard Flow(time) waveforms

“Standardization of Spirometry”
issued by American Thoracic Society


Peak flow profile: A
Peak flow profile: B

ISO 23747:2015
Peak expiratory flow meters


Test profiles: C1 to C11
Test profiles: C12 and C13

EN ISO 26782:2009
Spirometers intended for the measurement
of time forced expired volumes in humans



Maximal volume

10.00 liter

Maximal flow rate

20.00 liter/s

Minimal rise time to flow rate16.00 l/s @ back-pressure 3kPa

4.00 ms

Maximal slew rate to flow rate16.00 l/s @ back-pressure 3kPa

4000 l/s2

Maximal back-pressure of the flow sensor under test

4.00 kPa @ 12 l/s

Volume resolution

0.3829 ml

Volume accuracy

0.2 % or 10 ml which ever is larger

Flow accuracy

0.5 % or 25 ml/s which ever is larger

Time accuracy

0.2 % or 5 ms which ever is larger

BTPS simulation (BT - option): Temperature of expired air

37 °C ± 2 °C (adjustable by the user)

BTPS simulation (BT - option): Relative humidity of expired air

92 % ± 5 %

Pneumatic outlet

ISO-30 medical taper
Male: OD 30,2 mm Basic taper 1:20

PC interface

USB 2.0

Mains voltage

100 ÷240 VAC @ 50 ÷ 60 Hz

Power consumption

max. 350VA


1100 * 370 * 265 mm


38 kg


Our Pulmonary Waveform Generators are used by research and developing institutions and manufacturers all over the world

  • BTL Medical Technologies (Czech Republic)
  • Clement Clark (UK)
  • Cyberscope (South Africa)
  • Eolys (France)
  • HSG-IMIT (Germany)
  • IqTeq (South Africa)
  • K-jump Health (Taiwan)
  • Medical Research & Development (Spain)
  • MedPond (USA)
  • ORKI Notified Body on Medical Devices (Hungary)
  • QRS (USA)



with BTPS simulation
  Generation of ATS Flow(Volume) waveforms