Facial mask: PFM-115, -120, -130, -140, -150

Product of Hans Rudolph, USA is recommended for the measurements where the proper sealing to the face is an emphasized requirement

  • Soft transparent silicon rubber
  • Series of different sizes from infants to extra large
  • Headgear with fast release strip
  • Disinfectable
  • Application
  • Series of sizes

Facial masks are recommended for the following devices

Rhinomanometer PDD-301/r
Ergospirometer exercise test PRE-101
Type Code Height Width
PFM-115 P 115 mm 99 mm
PFM-120 ES 120 mm 99 mm
PFM-130 S 130 mm 102 mm
PFM-140 M 140 mm 107 mm
PFM-150 L 150 mm 107 mm