Ergo spirometer cardio pulmonary exercise test system PRE-201 April 2014
Uniquely new solution the wireless ECG and automatic blood pressure measurement during exercise
Oscillometer PDD-301/os May 2013

We developed a new oscillometer device

Whole body plethysmograph PDT-111/p August 2012

We developed a new plethysmograph cabin

Electro magnetic door lock without any moving part

Spirometer PDD-301/sh March 2012

We developed our new handheld spirometer family

Sleek design ergonomic form and just one USB connection to the PC

Pulmonary Waveform Generator PWG-33BT November 2011

We developed our new Pulmonary Waveform Generator

A new market leader in accuracy and performance as well

Diffusion capacity test PDT-111/d May 2010

We developed a new patient circuit for the Diffusion capacity test.
Uniquely in the market our new patient circuit is totally free of any electrical connections and easily disinfectable

Bacterial and viral filter family PBF-100 October 2009

We developed a new bacterial and viral filter family which provides the highest bacterial and viral filtration efficiency at a very low additional resistance and dead space.

PinkFlow PPF-18 November 2008

We developed our new PinkFlow flow meter system which is the most accurate and most hygienic flow meter in the market.