Ergo spirometer or Spiro ergometer exercise test: PRE-201
PRE-201/cc and PRE-201/pm

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing provides a global assessment of the integrative exercise responses involving the pulmonary and cardiovascular system

Ergospirometry is increasingly being used in a wide spectrum of clinical applications for the evaluation of undiagnosed exercise intolerance and exercise-related symptoms

International guidelines and requirements

  • Statement on Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
    American Thoracic Society and American College of Chest Physicians
    November 1, 2001
  • Clinician’s Guide to Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing in Adults
    A Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association, Circulation Journal, 2010-07-21
  • Standardization of Lung Function Testing
    ATS/ERS Task force, European Respiratory Journal 2005

Comfortable solutions for the patient and for medical staff as well

  • Extremely small and light patient circuit
  • PinkFlow flow meter without any moving parts and electrical connection
  • Single use or disinfectable patient circuit
  • Automatic calibration and self test

Exercise modes

  • Bicycle and treadmill
  • Selectable and user definable exercise testing protocols
  • Progressive incremental bicycle exercise protocols
    Step and Ramp
  • Maximal incremental treadmill protocols
    Bruce protocol and Balke protocol
  • Constant work rate protocol
  • Multistage exercise protocol with a pseudo steady state at each level
  • Discontinuous protocol

Software system overview 

  • Measurement modes
  • Measured parameters
  • Accessories
  • Technical data
  • Breath by breath gas analysis
  • Mixing chamber gas analysis (optional)
  • FVC measurement
  • IVC measurement
  • MVV measurement
  • Normal ECG recording

Whole list of Pulmonary Function Tests’ parameters

  Ergospirometer exercise test
WR Load
VE Minute ventilation
VT Tidal volume
fR Breath frequency
VO2 Oxygen consumption
VO2max Maximal Oxygen consumption
VO2max/kg Maximal Oxygen consumption pro boy weight
VCO2 Carbon dioxide production
VCO2max Maximal carbon dioxide production
RER Respiratory exchange ratio
AT Anaerobic Threshold
Syst Systolic blood pressure
Dia Diastolic blood pressure
HR Heart Rate
  Forced ex and inspiration
FVC Forced Vital Capacity
FEV*0.5 Forced Expiratory Volume in 0.5 second
FEV*1.0 Forced Expiratory Volume in 1.0 second
FEV*0.5/IVC Ration of FEV*0.5 and IVC in %
FEV*0.5/FVC Ration of FEV*0.5 and FVC in %
FEV*1.0/IVC Ration of FEV*1.0 and IVC in %
FEV*1.0/FVC Ration of FEV*1.0 and FVC in %
PEF Peak Expiratory Flow
FEF*25-75% Forced mid-Expiratory Flow rate
FEF*75% Forced Expiratory Flow at 75% lung volume
FEF*50% Forced Expiratory Flow at 50% lung volume
FEF*25% Forced Expiratory Flow at 25% lung volume
FET Forced Expiratory Time
MTT Mean Transit Time
FIVC Forced Inspiratory Vital Capacity
FIV*0.5 Forced Inspiratory Volume in 0.5 sec
FIV*1.0 Forced Inspiratory Volume in 1.0 sec
PIF Peak Inspiratory Flow rate
FIF*25-75% Forced mid-Inspiratory Flow rate
  Static vital capacity
IVC Inspiratory Vital Capacity
IRV Inspiratory Reserve Volume
ERV Expiratory Reserve Volume
TV Tidal Volume
SVC Slow Vital Capacity
  Maximal Voluntary Ventilation
MVV Maximal Voluntary Ventilation
MVV*f Maximal Voluntary Ventilation Frequency
W Work of Breathing at Resistance Measurement
PinkFlow flow meter PPF-18
Facial mask PFM-115
Calibration syringe PCS-3000
Flow meter PinkFlow
Type PPF-18
Principle Symmetric and averaging Pitot tube
Flow range ±18 l/s
Accuracy ±2% or 50 ml, whichever is greater
Dead space 36 ml
Resistance 60 Pa/l/s @ 15 l/s
CO2 gas analyzer NDIR
Range 0-10%
Accuracy 0,05%
Response time T90 130 ms
O2 gas analyzer PRE-101/cc: Chemical cell
PRE-101/pm: Paramagnetic oxygen sensor
Range 0-100%
Accuracy 0,05%
Response T90 130 ms
Leads 12 Standard
  + 3 Frank
Resolution: 2.5 uV/bit
  12 bit A/D
Size without patient circuit Height: 130 mm
  Wide: 260 mm
  Long: 390 mm
Weight 4 kg
Power supply 90 ÷ 260 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 60 VA




Uniquely new solution the wireless ECG and ABPM during exercise   Ergospirometer exercise test
System configuration with treadmill   Graphic representation according to Wassermann
Swivel arm for the hanging the device which provides the shortest gas sampling capillary   Evaluation of the test with moveable marker
Patient circuit of optional Mixing Chamber   Full result table
Non-depleting paramagnetic oxygen sensor