Spirometer: PDD-301/sh

Sleek design ergonomic form and just one USB connection to the PC

PDD-301/shm version has built-in ambient temperature, pressure and humidity sensors for the full automatic BTPS correction

The spirometer is the basic device of the functional lung diagnostics
It is inevitable in detecting the early malfunction of the respiratory system
  • COPD
  • Asthma
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Obstructive ventilation disorder
  • Emphysema

The PinkFlow* flow-meter and the spirometer fully complies with the specifications and requirements of the Standardization of Lung Function Testing ATS/ERS Task force (European Respiratory Journal 2005)

Connecting to a laptop PC provides full portability in battery mode as well

Software system overview 

  • Measurement modes
  • Measured parameters
  • Accessories
  • Technical data
  • Forced ex- and inspiration
  • Static vital capacity
  • Maximal voluntary ventilation

Whole list of Pulmonary Function Tests’ parameters

  Forced ex and inspiration
FVC Forced Vital Capacity
FEV*0.5 Forced Expiratory Volume in 0.5 second
FEV*1.0 Forced Expiratory Volume in 1.0 second
FEV*0.5/IVC Ration of FEV*0.5 and IVC in %
FEV*0.5/FVC Ration of FEV*0.5 and FVC in %
FEV*1.0/IVC Ration of FEV*1.0 and IVC in %
FEV*1.0/FVC Ration of FEV*1.0 and FVC in %
PEF Peak Expiratory Flow
FEF*25-75% Forced mid-Expiratory Flow rate
FEF*75% Forced Expiratory Flow at 75% lung volume
FEF*50% Forced Expiratory Flow at 50% lung volume
FEF*25% Forced Expiratory Flow at 25% lung volume
FET Forced Expiratory Time
MTT Mean Transit Time
FIVC Forced Inspiratory Vital Capacity
FIV*0.5 Forced Inspiratory Volume in 0.5 sec
FIV*1.0 Forced Inspiratory Volume in 1.0 sec
PIF Peak Inspiratory Flow rate
FIF*25-75% Forced mid-Inspiratory Flow rate
  Static vital capacity
IVC Inspiratory Vital Capacity
IRV Inspiratory Reserve Volume
ERV Expiratory Reserve Volume
TV Tidal Volume
SVC Slow Vital Capacity
  Maximal Voluntary Ventilation
MVV Maximal Voluntary Ventilation
MVV*f Maximal Voluntary Ventilation Frequency
Flow meter PinkFlow
Type PPF-18
Principle Symmetric and averaging Pitot tube
Flow range ±18 l/s
Accuracy ±2% or 50 ml, whichever is greater
Dead space 36 ml
Resistance 60 Pa/l/s @ 15 l/s
Accuracy of volume ±3 % or ±50 ml
Size of handle and flow meter Height: 200 mm
  Width: 45 mm
  Length: 120 mm
Weight 250 g



Hold by a patient   FVC measurement
Patient side   IVC measurement
PinkFlow release button   MVV measurement
Built-in BTPS module
PDD-301/shm model